Drug users are getting younger and younger–some 11 years old! Thai government worried!

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BANGKOK, 31 January 2011 (NNT) – The narcotic drug situation in Thailand is found to be worrying since the age of people getting involved with narcotic drugs is found to be younger, according to the Ministry of Public Health. As elaborated by Deputy Public Health Minister Dr Phansiri Kullanartsiri, there were 45,369 patients receiving mental treatment at hospitals of the Mental Health Department nationwide in 2010; however, 5.79% of them, or 2,626 patients, had suffered from mental health after excessive drug abuse. In the latter group, 1,996 were male and 630 female. The top narcotic drug used is amphetamine, and the tendency is rising. It is also found that drug abusers now mix different kinds of drugs together such as amphetamine and marijuana. More teens are found using ‘ice’ stimulant, a crystal form of methamphetamine but more damaging to the body and brain. Another worrying issue is the decreasing age of people engaging themselves with narcotic drugs. Earlier, drug abuse could be found in people aged between 15 and 24; however, the latest report suggested that their age reduced to as low as 11. As a result, Dr Phansiri cautioned people not to turn to narcotic drugs when they have problems and stress because they are not helpful and lead to addiction. She suggested they opt for other more useful and creative solutions.

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