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thinkSMALL Foundation is a registered Thai foundation. The directors have an extensive background in corporate management, team building and Christian ministry.

thinkSMALL trains local children’s workers how to become outstanding influencers of children and youth. We train you to use a simple 3-Step process to help children become positive change agents and leaders in their schools and communities!

thinkSMALL trains local leaders how to influence and empower children in a positive and fun way! You can influence children to stay away from drugs, alcohol abuse and other destructive actions. We use entertainment, curriculum and Christian principals to educate and strengthen the child’s ability to resist temptations from friends and strangers.

thinkSMALL focuses on ‘PREVENTION’
rather than ‘after care.’ The best way to fight drugs, alcohol and sexual promiscuity is to strengthen the child BEFORE they are tempted!

** Since 2007 thinkSMALL has partnered with NGOs, Churches, Schools and the Business Community to protect and strengthen children, reaching and teaching over 61,000 children.

The 3-Step Process

thinkSMALL partners with local leaders through providing a 3 Step process of proven success:


Children make decisions from their hearts (emotion), rather than their heads (data). This is why peer pressure is such a powerful influence. We train local teams to do FUN 1-hour variety shows in schools, malls, slums, parks, or anywhere children are! We use clowns, dramas, illusions and games to teach children about drugs or other important topics. When a show ends, they are motivated!

Education (ongoing)

After the shows, we train local teachers how to use a powerful and fun children’s curriculum to continue motivating, educating and empowering the children to make positive choices!


We teach teachers how to create a POSITIVE peer pressure environment. We guide them to set up Kids Clubs, using student leaders who learn to train other students on living a full, moral, safe and empowered life. This changes the culture of the school, orphanage or other organizations to one of health and positive life expectations.

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