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thinkSMALL uses a strategy of T.E.A.M. to impact communities and children. We train local people to do the outreaches because they already have existing relationships and are the most capable of impacting the community long term.

T = Train (We train local leaders to effectively influence children in the community)

E = Empower (We provide the knowledge and inspiration for locals to take lead!)

A = Accompany (We accompany locals on outreaches to encourage and advise)

M = Mobilize (We help locals to develop an ongoing strategy to reproduce outreaches and education in their local communities)


3 Step Program (to transform children into young moral leaders)

The thinkSMALL team will come to your community to train you how to establish a long-term “Edu-tainment” program that will transform children into young leaders!


Step 1: Entertainment!

We bring the props, microphones, music and tools to Train your team (10 or more people) to perform “Variety Show” outreaches in ANY of the following categories:

  • Drug Prevention

  • Alcohol Abuse Prevention

  • Spiritual Growth


Step 2: Education!

We train you how to use and train the curriculum (lessons and games) so children and youth can continue to be inspired to make good life decisions! And we train you how to help schools develop a Drug Free Club, led by student leaders who TEACH their peers!


Step 3: Empowerment!

We accompany you to your first outreaches until you are ready to continue without our guidance. This allows YOU to take the lead in reaching children and developing them into young moral leaders!

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