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“ I appreciate having an organization like thinkSMALL to help the social problems in Thailand especially concerning Drugs and sex ” Ms. Supapat Khunnatee Rutchada, Teacher (Bangkok)

“ I like Drug Free! We want to do more shows and work with thinkSMALL more! ” Ms. Beau, Event Coordinator (Paradise Park Mall Bangkok)

“ We partnered with thinkSMALL many times, especially in the Youth Prison in Ban-Buang, Chonburi. We performed Drug Free and they loved it! ” Mrs. Sudjai, World Vision Street Children Development Program (Pattaya)

“ Your Christmas show is great, easy to understand and very fun. I would like to support you again and again in the future! ” Mr. Manop, Christmas Event Coordinator of Central World (Bangkok)

“ We love using the Drug Free program.  Our team has taken this message into 13 local government Schools in HangDong and ChiangMai.  The students love it, the teachers love it and we love it.  This is a message that young people urgently need to hear.  This is a great tool to support you in reaching your local community! ” Mr Tim Perry, Youth Coodinator, First Priority Development Foundation

“ thinkSMALL teaches our students to use simple BUT very powerful techniques to help the young generation in Chiang Rai shape their morals, ethics and behavior! ” Mr. Benjamin, Professor (Indo-China Bible school Chiang Rai)

“ We like the training you gave and we realize that Children are very important and can transform the nation…but we have to train them well. thinkSMALL foundation provides the training and great tools for us to use! ” Ms. Jennie Lee, CCT pastor (Had-Yai)

“ We have been using thinkSMALL’s Christmas and Kids Quest Programs. The children loved the shows and the youth gained valuable experience in training others! ” Miss Thing, Manager Siam Care Foundation

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