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Drug Prevention:


Drug and Alcohol Prevention Curriculum

With KidsQuest Drug Free, we train your teachers and/or student leaders how to shape the culture of your school to “It’s COOL to stay away from drugs and alcohol abuse!” (Available in Thai language…English soon)


Drug Prevention Wristbands

After each outreach kids are given the opportunity to wear a TJ the Tiger wristband that proclaims “To Be #1, I Say NO to Drugs!” They sign a public pledge that is hung throughout the year in their classroom. As most kids wear the wristband to school, it becomes a “cool” thing to wear and an influence for all kids to say NO to drugs!!!


Drug Free Training DVDs and Show Manuals

To assist your local teams in learning how to perform the 1 hour Drug and Alcohol Free shows, we provide excellent state-of-the-art training DVDs and Show manuals. These tools allow your teams to continue learning how to do the shows in the most impactful ways! (Available in English and Thai languages)



Through the SanJai Network learn how to become more effective in understanding the mind, heart and spirit of children-at-risk! An outstanding 8 modular class of like-minded children’s workers dedicated to serving and empowering children to live an abundant life!!

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