Tribal Group Reaches Out to Protect Children!

• Central Thailand, Ratchaburi

• Our thinkSMALL Bangkok team went to…

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Central Thailand

Our thinkSMALL Bangkok team went to train a hill tribe in Central Thailand through a local church in Suan Phung Ratchaburi– close to Burma. The population of the hill tribe includes non-citizens, Karen Thai, and Burmese residents who live in an environment similar to a refugee camp. The area is at high risk for abuse and trafficking, confirmed by stories our team heard. The area is only three hours from Bangkok but most people in this area have never seen or been to Bangkok before.

We trained parents and 30 team leaders on our Child Protection Workshops: about the calling to protect children, children’s rights, and implementing a child policy. We also trained children through a Child Empowerment outreach to protect them from abuse and trafficking. There were 85 children in attendance.

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